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+91 44 4904 8383 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00

Welcome to Pro2 India

We are a supplier of professional driver services and engineer development training.
Pro2 Engineering India Pvt. Ltd is based in Chennai and we are proud to offer a selection of specially tailored services for the Indian market:

World-class Professional Drivers

We have selected the best professional drivers in the world to work with Pro2.

With a broad range of experience, we hand pick the professional drivers specifically for your events.

Customer Understanding

We are unique as an engineering consultancy as we sit next to your customers every day so know what they like and how they drive your products.

We bring that experience into our test and development support to help you deliver a more customer focused product.

New Technology

We have delivered test programmes for electric and hybrid vehicles and use that expertise when supporting engineering and customer experiential programmes.


Vehicle Development Support

Management of a range of engineering development programmes

Engineer Training

Customised practical training programmes for a range of engineering disciplines

Specialist Test Drives

High sales conversion results through professional driver-accompanied test drive events

Customer Event Management

Full event management for unique customer focused driving experiences

Vehicle Launches

Complete specialist vehicle delivery, running in and demonstration service for press fleets, VIP handovers and film shoots

Specialist Vehicle Delivery / Press Fleet Management

Event consultancy including designing activities to demonstrate features or technology


  • The feedback from Benfield was extremely positive and they found the Pro2 drivers made a real difference

    Alfa Romeo dealership programme
  • Pro2 provided driver training here in India and were very professional. The course was very well received due to their professional approach, great character and thorough knowledge of the job. We will be using their services again. The feedback is all positive and puts us in good position for lots of follow up.

    Mahindra logo
    Mahindra & Mahindra
    Chennai, India
  • We use Pro2 for all our external driving services. They are extremely professional and their enthusiasm and product knowledge is outstanding. We are pleased to be associated with them.

    Marketing Manager
    Lotus, UK