Vehicle Development Support

Experienced, flexible test programme resource

  • Durability and accelerated mileage test programmes
  • Subjective and objective vehicle assessment
  • Whole Vehicle and area specific Benchmarking including sourcing competitor vehicles
  • Global car market knowledge
  • Complete programme management
  • Rapid response to customer needs

We support car manufacturers all over the world with durability testing, subjective and objective vehicle assessment and homologation development. Our team of experienced professional drivers understands the complex nature of remote testing to strict global standards and procedures. We are in tune with local market needs and the often minute tweaks required to meet them.

We project manage the entire test programme to specific targets. We source the specialist drivers, define the test routes, create a robust control environment and make sure the vehicle has the right data logging equipment before obtaining, managing and reporting the data.

We are a trusted, flexible and affordable resource. Our agency structure means we are able to design a programme and assemble a team faster than our competitors. We work to your brief, not ours. We think on our feet. We don’t let our customers down.

We have worked for OEMs around the world and developed vehicles for launch in every continent.

The following is a representative, but not exhaustive, overview of the main services we provide:

Durability and accelerated mileage test programmes

  • Preparation and instrumentation of vehicles in secure workshop facilities
  • Logistical planning and support for international testing programmes
  • Full vehicle data acquisition with real-time location monitoring

Subjective vehicle assessment

Experienced individual and jury-based; including NVH assessment, ride and handling, departure from linearity and limit handling assessment.

Objective vehicle assessment

  • Full preparation and instrumentation of vehicles including displacement, velocity, acceleration, strain, temperature, high accuracy GPS with base station.
  • Objective dynamic testing for chassis fingerprinting and benchmarking including analysis and interpretation of results.
  • Component testing in static/dynamic environments and rig-based testing.