About Us

Pro2 is an automotive consultancy supporting customer experiential events, vehicle engineering projects and bespoke engineer training. We provide professional drivers, design and deliver events to give the ultimate experience for customers.

Pro2 was started in 2007 and has grown to deliver the range of services we now offer.

The way we approach business hasn’t changed since we started; our four pillars underpin everything we do:

Professionalism – we aim to deliver the best service we can and to leave a lasting positive impression that helps us win further business

Trust – we work closely together with a team that we trust to deliver our service. Our business depends on them and a mutual trust is critical in helping us deliver the best service possible.

Ethical – our approach is to work honestly and with integrity in everything we do with businesses we like and trust and have the same goals and ways of delivering business as us.

Respect – we treat people how we like to be treated, equally, fairly and with dignity regardless of background, sex or race.

Driving Team

At the heart of what we do is our driving team. We have over 200 to call upon and they have a range of different backgrounds and experience and we blend that experience together to provide the best team for a specific activity. From motorsport drivers with a background in F1, Le Mans, GT and Touring Cars to experienced dynamics engineers and development drivers. Each is hand-picked based on their suitability for the role that we are supporting.

One trait defines a Pro2 driver, whether that’s delivering a customer event for a vehicle manufacturer like Rolls Royce, or a month long development programme for one of our engineering clients; professionalism.

We are proud to do what we do and we do it well.