Experienced professionals – our driving team come from a broad background including motorsport and vehicle engineering. We think (and our customers agree with us) that we have the best professionals available.

Event experience – we have delivered over 1000 events in the 12 years since we started, we know what makes a successful event and what doesn’t.

Product experience – as suppliers to a range of vehicle manufacturers, we have a wide practical knowledge of vehicle sectors.

Customer understanding – working alongside our customers every day, we understand how they use vehicles and what they are looking for.

Engineering experience – Pro2 is engineering-focussed and we understand technology and how to explain and demonstrate the benefits.

Logistics expertise – we have experience of ‘one-stop-shop’ organisation including flight and accommodation arrangements for events of all sizes. That also includes vehicle logistics.

Bespoke staff booking platform – we have designed and built a unique web-based driver booking platform. We have an efficient and professional booking process that gives our drivers all the information they need.