Dealer Support Case Study

Alfa Romeo dealership programme

Pro2 has developed a dealership sales support programme that works to increase sales as well as increase customer satisfaction and involvement; Pro2 supported a manufacturer led initiative over a weekend with targeted test drives alongside our professional drivers. Three of our team supported Benfield Alfa Romeo in Newcastle on their ‘Approved Used Event’ weekend.

The team were self sufficient and developed the route to demonstrate the technology as well as provide an engaging drive for the customer. Each drive was for 45 minutes and involved the customer driving first with the professional driver demonstrating more complex technology on the second half of the drive. We had around 20 drives over the weekend and the dealer sales staff were so impressed that they asked the team to take them out and show them what they had been doing. Our conversion rate was around 60%.

The feedback from Benfield was extremely positive and they found the Pro2 drivers made a real difference.

Alfa Romeo Dealership Program UK