Specialist Test Drives

Boosting sales through accompanied test drive events

  • OEM-style launch events to give local customers VIP treatment
  • Tried and proven: up to a 70% conversion rate
  • Independent drivers build trust in dealer brand.

We offer a customer test drive service to car dealers that challenges the ordinary and increases sales. Our special events at UK retailers of new and used cars have resulted in a 70% conversion rate from strong customer prospects. In addition to providing memorable customer experiences, we are valuable additional, specialist manpower – leaving your sales people to sell!

How does it work? We create a test drive experience that customers can trust. First, the Pro2 driver is introduced as an independent, professional driver who will help the customer get the best out of their test drive. Then on the road, they explain and can demonstrate the car’s benefits and what its technology is doing for them, with no hint of a hard sell.

During a 30-45 minute extended test drive, we may ask customers to undertake certain tasks such as an emergency stop under safe conditions. We adapt our explanations to the customer, gauging their confidence behind their wheel and their expectations from the exercise.

If your business has a strong flow of prospects but you are struggling to convert them to sales, then the Pro² programme has proved to be a rewarding strategy.

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“Our test drive service for car dealers challenges the ordinary and increases sales.”