Engineer Training Courses

Bespoke programmes, universal goals

Pro2 has a range of vehicle dynamics courses for engineers, which can either be conducted at the customer’s facility or at an independent test track.

From basic level training to advanced coaching on very targeted areas of the vehicle, each programme is highly practical (around 90% is driving) and participants will get close to the limit of the test vehicles’ handling. Importantly, engineer progress, in terms of consistently demonstrated improvement in driving skills and practical understanding, is measured by our professional drivers. This makes a Pro2 training event an integral part of ongoing engineer assessment. Our customers can rate our impact too!

Sample vehicle dynamics course (six days)

  • Introduction and basics of test driving (objectives, outcome and measurement).
  • Basic driving skills training: seating position, steering input, braking, observation, cornering.
  • Dynamics – basics of weight transfer and steering input: driver inputs and how pitch, roll and yaw are generated.
  • Understeer/Oversteer (skid control): how different factors create it, how to recover.
  • Braking exercises (ABS and non-ABS techniques).
  • Electronic safety programmes.
  • High performance driving techniques. E.g. High speed driving on a banked track.
  • Introduction to subjective evaluation techniques: setting mental benchmarks, scoring systems, judging customer noticeability.